Genotype-by-Genotype Interactions Modified by a Third Species in a Plant-Insect System

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  2. Dr Catherine T├ętard-Jones
Author(s)Tetard-Jones C, Kertesz MA, Gallois P, Preziosi RF
Publication type Article
JournalAmerican Naturalist
ISSN (print)0003-0147
ISSN (electronic)1537-5323
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Community genetics examines how genotypic variation within a species influences the associated ecological community. The inclusion of additional environmental and genotypic factors is a natural extension of the current community genetics framework. However, the extent to which the presence of and genetic variation in associated species influences interspecific interactions (i.e., genotype x genotype x environment [G x G x E] interactions) has been largely ignored. We used a community genetics approach to study the interaction of barley and aphids in the absence and presence of rhizosphere bacteria. We designed a matrix of aphid genotype and barley genotype combinations and found a significant G x G x E interaction, indicating that the barley-aphid interaction is dependent on the genotypes of the interacting species as well as the biotic environment. We discuss the consequences of the strong G x G x E interaction found in our study in relation to its impact on the study of species interactions in a community context.
PublisherUniversity of Chicago Press
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