Assay Methods and Materials

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  2. Emeritus Professor Colin Self
Inventor(s)Self CH
Publication type Patent
AssigneeSelective Antibodies Ltd
Legacy Date31 August 2004
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The invention relates to assays in which complexes between an analyte and a binding agent for the analyte are detected by a reporter molecule, which is capable of binding to the binding agent when the binding agent is complexed with analyte but not when the binding agent is complexed with analyte analogue. The invention provides a method of modifying such a binding agent in order to create a tailored site where the reporter molecule may bind to the binding agent. This provides control over the location and nature of the reporter binding site. Antibodies, including bispecific antibodies, are preferred binding agents. The invention also provides novel methods for labelling antibodies close to their antigen binding site using bi- and trifunctional reagents. Modified binding agents produced by the methods described are also provided.
NotesThe method of this patent is aimed at facilitating the development of a new generation of high performance immunodiagnostic testing systems for low molecular weight analytes which of use in high throughput systems and point of need detection applications such as road side drug tests, security, environmental, food and drink and clinical applications.