Binding Agents

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  2. Emeritus Professor Colin Self
Inventor(s)Self CH
Publication type Patent
AssigneeBioTransformations Ltd
Source Publication Date09.09.2005
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The invention relaters to binding agents which can be induced to aggregate in response to a specific stimulus. In referred embodiments the binding agents comprise at least a binding member for a binding partner and the binding partner. At least one of the binding member and binding partner are reversibly masked such that plurality of binding agents are not able to aggregate with one another until the masked moiety is unmasked. Preferred mechanisms to induce aggregation include irradiation and enzyme action. Applications of the invention include signal amplification in biochemical assays and provision of high local concentrations of therapeutic agents in vivo.
NotesThe method described in this patent allows for very large increases in detectable signals in diagnostic systems, thus increasing sensitivity and speed of assays, and similarly, large increases in deposition of therpaeutic agents, such as antibodies, at target sites.