Woodland actions for biodiversity and their role in water management

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  2. Professor Ian Calder
  3. Dr Jennifer Hazelton
Author(s)Calder IR, Harrison JA, Nisbet T, Smithers R
Series Editor(s)The Woodland Trust
Publication type Report
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The highly fragmented semi-natural habitats of the UK are vulnerable to climate change. There is a need to develop landscapes that are resilient, i.e. able to absorb and respond to changes, thereby sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services. Woodland actions for biodiversity have an important role to play ecologically and may have considerable potential to contribute to economic and other benefits. Increasing attention is being given to the interactions between woodland and water, as integrated land and water resource management seeks to address a number of water issues, including the threats posed by climate change. While a wide range of projects have researched or reviewed particular aspects of water management on which trees and woodland have an impact, there is a need for an accessible overarching synthesis.
InstitutionThe Woodlands Trust
Place PublishedLincolnshire
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