The impact of ESB oral communication courses in in HM Prisons - an independent evaluation.

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  2. David Moseley
  3. Dr Jill Clark
  4. Dr Vivienne Baumfield
  5. Dr Elaine Hall
  6. Ian Hall
  7. Jennifer Miller
Author(s)Moseley D, Clark J, Baumfield V, Hall E, Hall I, Miller J, Blench G, Gregson M, Spedding T
Publication type Report
Series TitleLSRC Research Report
Source Publication Date2006
Report Number052285RS/02/06/2000
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This report examines how educators and psychologists seek to foster positive thinking, learning and behaviour change in prisons. Part A focuses on the English Speaking Board’s oral communication courses,looking at evidence from observations,interviews and feedback, and at participants’ reoffending rates. Part B is a complementary account of desk-based research focusing on cognitive skill development programmes. The authors argue that prisons should be designed as ‘thinking environments’, and that oral and thinking skills interventions should continue in the community after prisoners’ release.
InstitutionLearning and Skills Development Agency
Place PublishedUK Online
NotesThe report will be of value to policy-makers,managers, teachers and researchers. ISBN: 1845723864
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