A local evaluation of Sure Start – Leam Lane area

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  2. Dr Jill Clark
  3. Dr Elaine Hall
  4. Caroline McCaughey
  5. Maria Mroz
Author(s)Clark J, Hall E, McCaughey C, Mroz M
Publication type Report
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This report brings together elements of work from a three year evaluation study conducted by staff in the Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. As part of the three-year evaluation study, we have provided several in-house reports which specifically focus on particular phases, or projects within the programme. These formative reports contained both findings and recommendations about all aspects of the projects, ranging from the suitability of the venue to the impact on the children, parents and staff involved. These reports were intended to be tools for programme staff to refer to, reflect on, and improve services. This document, however, intends to integrate and summarise the individual reports and provide a synthesis of the evidence and findings.
InstitutionCentre for Learning and Teaching
Place Published, 2006. University of Newcastle upon Tyne:
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