1st Year Practicals: Their Role in Developing Future Bioscientists

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  2. Dr Richard Bevan
Author(s)Adams D, Arkle S, Bevan RM, Boachie-Ansah G, Bradshaw T, Cameron G, Campbell AM, Chamberlain M, Gibson A, Gowers D, Hayes M, Heritage J, Hollingsworth M, Hooper H, Hudson K, Hughes I, Lindsey N, Meskin S, Park J, Podesta T, Rattray J, Scott G, Shearer M, Smalley H, Smith VA, Smith D, Tierney A, Todd M, Verran J, Wakeford C, Wilbraham J, Wilson J
Publication type Report
Series Title
Legacy DateJune 2008
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InstitutionCentre for Bioscience, University of Leeds
Place PublishedLeeds
NotesA report of a workshop for invited participants organised by the Centre for Bioscience and sponsored by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals and the BBSRC Weetwood Hall, University of Leeds, 7-8 April 2008 ISBN: 9780094875121
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