Forestry and low flows, spatial modelling and open GIS dissemination of the science perception- India

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  2. Professor Ian Calder
  3. Dr Jaime Amezaga
  4. Dr Robert Hope
Author(s)Calder IR, Amezaga JM, Hope RA, Gosain AK, Tiwari S, Borgoyary M
Series Editor(s)Forestry Research Programme; Renewable Natural Resource Knowledge Strategy; UK Department for International Development
Publication type Report
TypeTechnical Report, Key Document
Series Title
Source Publication Date01-03-2006
Report NumberZF0184/R8171
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Project Purpose. Knowledge relating to land-use and forest decision making promoted for the benefit of smallscale farmers within the Forest / Agriculture Interface. The project contributes directly to FRP Programme Output objectives as a strategy developed and promoted to maximize the benefit of small-scale farmers and landless families and the urban and peri-urban poor accruing from current global issues and generic tools. Livelihoods of poor people will be improved through improved methodologies for whole catchment management leading to greater access to water by poor people.
InstitutionUniversity of Newcastle
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