A restricted package of definitions of indicators and operational methodologies to assess them - to be implemented in Prototype no. 1 and suggestions for the future developments of indicators in SEAMLESS.

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  2. Guy Garrod
  3. Dr Lee Stapleton
Author(s)Alkan Olsson J, Theesfeld I, Schleyer C, Cairol D, Turpin N, Callois J-M, Brouwer F, van der Heide M, Garrod G, Stapleton LM, Bockstaller C, Weinzaepflen E, Bellon S, Zhang C, Gottschalk P, Smith P, Voltr V, Pinto T, Oliveira R
Publication type Report
Series Title
Legacy DateNovember 2006
Report Number22
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InstitutionSEAMLESS Deliverable 2.1.1: A European Union Sixth Framework Project
NotesISBN 9085851106 / 9789085851103
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