Transformation of regional societies through ICTs: State(s) of the art(s): A discussion document

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  2. James Cornford
  3. Ranald Richardson
  4. Martin Sokol
  5. Dr Pedro Marques
  6. Professor Andrew Gillespie
Author(s)Cornford JR, Richardson RGW, Sokol M, Marques PMF, Gillespie AE
Publication type Report
Series Title
Source Publication Date31-07-2006
Report Number022780
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Place PublishedGermany
NotesDiscussion Document prepared as Deliverable D1.1 of the project TRANSFORM Benchmarking and Fostering Transformative Use of ICT in EU Regions, 6th Framework Programme Priority 8.1.B.3.5. Report version D1.1, Final draft Partners: The University of Newcastle upon Tyne (U.K.), European Regional Information Society Association (Belgium), IRISI (Europe) Ltd (U.K.), CARPAT, N.O. (Slovakia)
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