Low Carbon Commercial Shipping

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  2. Shane Moloney
  3. Professor Ehsan Mesbahi
  4. Dr Peter Wright
  5. Oihane Cabezas Basurko
  6. Dr Kayvan Pazouki
Author(s)Hobson M, Pell E, Surgand M, Kollamthodi S, Moloney S, Mesbahi E, Wright P, Cabezas Basurko O, Pazouki K
Publication type Report
Series TitleLow Carbon Transport Innovation Strategy(LCTIS)
Legacy Date23 May 2007
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The UK Government’s Energy Review, published in July 2006, committed the Government to developing a Low Carbon Transport Innovation Strategy (LCTIS). As a result of this, the Department for Transport has commissioned AEA Energy & Environment (AEA) and the School of Marine Science and Technology (MAST) at the University of Newcastle to review the key future low carbon commercial shipping technologies. The study has combined information from both literature reviews and stakeholder consultations to provide an overview of low carbon technologies, their applicability to commercial ships and their long-term economic viability. Information is also provided on the key barriers to uptake, and the research and development being undertaken in pursuit of low carbon shipping both in the UK and overseas.
InstitutionDepartment for Transport
Place PublishedPolicy, Guidance and Research, DfT
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