Protective Wrapper Development: A Case Study

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  2. Professor Tom Anderson
  3. Dr Mei Feng
  4. Dr Stephen Riddle
  5. Professor Alexander Romanovsky
Author(s)Anderson T, Feng M, Riddle S, Romanovsky A
Publication type Report
Series TitleSchool of Computing Science Technical Report Series
Legacy DateNovember 2002
Report Number781
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We have recently proposed a general approach to engineering protective wrappers as a means of detecting errors or unwanted behaviour in systems employing an OTS (Off-The-Shelf) item, and launching appropriate recovery actions. This paper presents results of a case study in protective wrapper development, using a Simulink model of a steam boiler system together with an OTS PID (Proportional, Integral and Derivative) controller. The protective wrappers are developed for the model of the system in such a way that they allow detection and tolerance of typical errors caused by unavailability of signals, violations of constraints, and oscillations.
InstitutionSchool of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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