Emerging insights into NEET preventative work across Tyne and Wear: flexible Curriculum 2 (FCP2) 14-19 Progression and Employability

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  2. Dr Jill Clark
  3. Ulrike Thomas
  4. Colleen Cummings
  5. Emeritus Professor Ann Briggs
  6. Ian Hall
Author(s)Clark J, Thomas U, Cummings C, Briggs ARJ, Hall I
Publication type Report
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Legacy Date2008
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The final report forms a body of research evidence which: 1. Captures the emerging patterns of targeted NEET preventative provision in each of the five areas of Tyne and Wear and how they have been influenced by FCP and 2. Captures the developing local partnership arrangements to lead, manage and fund this targeted and specialist provision. The final evaluation report offers a set of emerging insights from the FCP2 projects, which can be shared between the local areas. It adopts the following framework: 1. Funding models 2. Staffing models 3. FCP2 and the 14-19 Curriculum 4. Partnerships 5. Benefits and outcomes.
InstitutionNewcastle University
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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