Integrating information literacy as a habit of learning - assessing the impact of a golden thread of IL in the curriculum

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  2. Moira Bent
  3. Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Author(s)Bent M, Stockdale EA
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Information Literacy
ISSN (electronic)1750-5968
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Purpose This paper describes the “golden thread” concept which was used to integrate IL into the environmental sciences curriculum at Newcastle University and presents the preliminary results of research undertaken to assess the impact of the IL interventions between 2005 and 2008. Methodology/Approach A variety of different IL interventions was piloted and assessed. Discussion groups and learning logs were used to draw out student perceptions of their experiences and to investigate the students’ concept of IL as a graduate attribute for life. Student self assessments were considered in the light of independent analysis of their IL abilities. Findings Students’ responses show that embedding the assessment of information literacy can play a crucial role in engaging students with the concepts involved, so that as well as learning specific skills, they have the opportunity to develop a wider awareness of the information environment. Originality/Practical Implications The blended approach offers practical suggestions for integrating IL interventions within the curriculum as well as enabling the evaluation of the impact of the activities. Continuing assessment of the value and effectiveness of the interventions has driven the learning processes for staff involved in the implementation.
PublisherInformation Literacy
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