A retrospective review of appendicectomy management in a UK teaching hospital

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  2. Dr Prabhakar Rajan
Author(s)Rajan P, Sharma D, Watson C
Publication type Article
JournalInternet Journal of Surgery
ISSN (electronic)1528-8242
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Background: Acute appendicitis is common and making the diagnosis can be difficult. Methods: The hospital databases and records of 102 patients who underwent appendicectomy were analysed. Results: Age range was 6 to 82years (ยต=30years); 38% females, 69% less than 40years. Diagnostic accuracy was higher in males (90.5%) than females (71.8%). Negative appendicectomy rate (total=11.8%) was higher in females (21%) than males (6.3%). Migratory right iliac fossa pain was 57.6% sensitive and 92.3% specific to appendicitis. Pyrexia was 38.8% sensitive and 83.3 % specific and guarding was 81.1% sensitive and 43.8% specific. Elevated white cell count was 85.9% sensitive but only 36.4% specific. Radiology was of little benefit apart from CT, which revealed appendiceal pathology in 4/5 cases. Conclusions: The judgement of an experienced clinician is an adequate diagnostic tool in the most cases. CT can be useful in selected cases. Further laparoscopy could reduce negative appendicectomy rates in females.
PublisherInternet Scientific Publications, Llc.
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