Mutation analysis anti embryonic expression of the HLXB9 currarino syndrome gene

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  2. Dr Donna Hagan
  3. Alison Ross
  4. Professor Tom Strachan
  5. Dr Victor Ruiz-Perez
  6. Professor Susan Lindsay
Author(s)Lindsay S; Strachan T; Ruiz-Perez V; Hagan DM; Ross AJ; Hassan S; Muenke M; Nixon P; Papapetrou C; Winter RM; Edwards Y; Morrison K; Barrow M; Cordier-Alex MP; Correia P; Galvin-Parton PA; Gaskill S; Gaskin KJ; Garcia-Minaur S; Gereige R; Hayward R; Homfray T; McKeown C; Murday V; Plauchu H; Shannon N; Spitz L; Lynch SA; Wang YM; Scambler P; Custard E; Reardon W
Publication type Article
JournalAmerican Journal of Human Genetics
ISSN (print)0002-9297
ISSN (electronic)1537-6605
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PublisherCell Press
PubMed id10749657
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