Identification of the familial cylindromatosis tumour-suppressor gene

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  2. Dr Christopher Jones
  3. Dr Niamh Leonard
  4. Pamela Chapman
  5. Professor Sir John Burn
Author(s)Burn J; Jones C; Leonard N; Chapman P; Bignell GR; Lakhani SR; Hansen J; Blair E; Hofmann B; Siebert R; Turner G; Gareth Evans D; Schrander-Stumpel C; Beemer FA; Warren W; Van Den Ouweland A; Halley D; Delpech B; Cleveland MG; Leigh I; Leisti J; Rasmussen S; Wallace MR; Fenske C; Banerjee P; Seal S; Oiso N; Chaggar R; Merrett S; Huber M; Hohl D; Swift S; Smith A; Takahashi M; Ashworth A; Stratton MR; Rapley E; Barfoot R; Green H; Brown C; Biggs PJ
Publication type Article
JournalNature Genetics
ISSN (print)1061-4036
ISSN (electronic)1546-1718
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PublisherNature Publishing Group
PubMed id10835629
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