Abyssomicins, inhibitors of the para-aminobenzoic acid pathway produced by the marine Verrucosispora strain AB-18-032

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  2. Professor Alan Bull
  3. Dr Luis Maldonado
  4. Emeritus Professor Alan Ward
  5. Emeritus Professor Michael Goodfellow
Author(s)Riedlinger J, Reicke A, Zahner H, Krismer B, Bull AT, Maldonado LA, Ward AC, Goodfellow M, Bister B, Bischoff D, Sussmuth RD, Fiedler H-P
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Antibiotics
ISSN (print)0021-8820
ISSN (electronic)1881-1469
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PublisherNature Publishing Group
PubMed id15217192
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