Isoindolinone-based inhibitors of the MDM2-p53 protein-protein interaction

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  2. Dr Ian Hardcastle
  3. Shafiq Ahmed
  4. Professor Alan Calvert
  5. Professor Nicola Curtin
  6. Gillian Farnie
  7. Professor Bernard Golding
  8. Professor Roger Griffin
  9. Sabrina Guyenne
  10. Dr Claire Hutton
  11. Stuart Kemp
  12. Professor Herbie Newell
  13. Dr Stefano Norbedo
  14. Dr Julian Scott Northen
  15. Rebecca Reid
  16. Dr Kappusamy Saravanan
  17. Professor John Lunec
Author(s)Hardcastle I, Ahmed S, Atkins H, Calvert AH, Curtin NJ, Farnie G, Golding BT, Griffin R, Guyenne S, Hutton C, Ka╠łllblad P, Kemp S, Kitching M, Newell D, Norbedo S, Northen J, Reid R, Saravanan K, Willems H, Lunec J
Publication type Article
JournalBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
ISSN (print)0960-894X
ISSN (electronic)1464-3405
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PubMed id15713419
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