Protocol for north of England and Scotland study of tonsillectomy and adeno-tonsillectomy in children (NESSTAC). A pragmatic randomised controlled trial comparing surgical intervention with conventional medical treatment in children with recurrent sore throats

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  2. Professor John Bond
  3. Professor Janet Wilson
  4. Professor Martin Eccles
  5. Alessandra Vanoli
  6. Dr Nick Steen
  7. Dr Katie Haighton
  8. Dr Katie Brittain
  9. Chris Speed
  10. Dr Nicolette Rousseau
Author(s)Bond J, Wilson J, Eccles M, Vanoli A, Steen N, Clarke R, Zarod A, Lock C, Brittain K, Speed C, Rousseau N
Publication type Article
JournalBMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders
ISSN (electronic)1472-6815
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PublisherBioMed Central
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