Complexity of gene resources conservation and utilisation of a differently managed multipurpose tree species (Castanea sativa Mill.): What, where and how to conserve

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  2. Guy Garrod
  3. Miltiadis Mavrogiannis
  4. Riccardo Scarpa
  5. Dr Fiorenza Spalatro
Author(s)Villani F, Eriksson G, Bucci G, Aravanoupoulos P, Botta R, Diamandis S, Fernandez Lopez J, Garrod G, Robin C, Romane F, Russell K, Vannini A, Akkak A, Alizoti E, Barreneche T, Blanco Silva R, Buck E, Casasoli M, Cherubini M, Drouzas A, Grandjanny M, Grossman A, Kremer A, Lauteri M, Marinoni D, Mattioni C, Mavrogiannis M, Monteverdi C, Perlerou H, Pliura A, Sansotta A, Scarpa R, Spalato F, Vettraino A, Zas R
Publication type Article
JournalAdvances in Horticultural Science
ISSN (print)0394-6169
ISSN (electronic)1592-1573
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PublisherFirenze University Press
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