Quality assessment of genetic markers used for therapy stratification

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  2. Dr Nicholas Bown
  3. Julie Freeman-Edward
  4. Professor John Lunec
  5. Dr Katia Mazzocco
  6. Steven O'Neill
  7. Professor Andrew Pearson
Author(s)Ambros, I.M., Benard, J., Boavida, M., Bown, N., Caron, H., Combaret, V., Couturier, J., Darnfors, C., Delattre, O., Freeman-Edward, J., Gambini, C., Gross, N., Hattinger, C.M., Luegmayr, A., Lunec, J., Martinsson, T., Mazzocco, K., Navarro, S., Noguera, R., O'Neill, S., Potschger, U., Rumpler, S., Speleman, F., Tonini, G.P., Valent, A., Van Roy, N., Amann, G., De Bernardi, B., Kogner, P., Ladenstein, R, Mickon, J., Pearson, A.D.J., Ambros, P.F.
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Clinical Oncology
ISSN (print)0732-183X
ISSN (electronic)1527-7755
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