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Professor Susan-Mary Grant
"Mortal in this season": Union Surgeons and the Narrative of Medical Modernisation in the American Civil War2014
Emeritus Professor Esteban Castro
"Águas disputadas: regimes conflitantes de governabilidade no setor dos serviços de saneamento" (Disputed waters: conflicting governance regimes in the water and sanitation sector)2014
Dr Sarah Campbell
"Brawling Publicly": The evolution of Anglo-Irish relations (Irish State Visit, April 2014)2014
Professor Mark Freeston
"But it might be a heart attack": Intolerance of uncertainty and panic disorder symptoms2014
Professor Gary Ford
"Can you send an ambulance please?" A comparison of callers' requests for emergency medical dispatch in stroke and non-stroke calls.2014
Professor Gary Ford
"Can you send an ambulance please?": a comparison of callers' requests for emergency medical dispatch in non-stroke and stroke calls2014
Professor Tim Griffiths
"Change Deafness" Arising from Inter-feature Masking within a Single Auditory Object2014
Professor James Gillespie
"Focused introspection" during naturally increased diuresis: Description and repeatability of a method to study bladder sensation non-invasively2014
Emeritus Professor Esteban Castro
"Gobernabilidad y luchas por el agua. Un aporte al entendimiento de la lucha en las sierras chicas, Córdoba" (Governance and struggles over water. A contribution to the understanding of the struggles in the sierras chicas, Córdoba). An interview with J E Castro by Sergio Chiavassa, Joaquín Deón, Beatriz Ensabella, and Carlos Saavedra (National University of Cordoba, Department of Geography)2014
Dr Claire Brewster
Dr Keith Brewster
"He hath not done this for any other nation": Mexico's 1970 and 1986 World Cups2014