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Dr Nick Morgan
"If even Inocencio was guilty...": Cynicism and Political Culture in Colombia2014
Dr Tony Young
Dr Ellen Tullo
Dr Richard Lee
"It's up there with the most difficult things you have to deal with" Medical students' perspectives on person-centred communication in dementia care2014
Professor Peter Phillimore
"That used to be a famous village": shedding the past in rural north India2014
Professor Jeremy Boulton
"The charity of our life and healthful years”?: Approaches to inter-vivos charitable giving to the poor in the metropolis, 1600-17202014
Dr Michael Rossington
[Dante in the Nineteenth Century]2014
Professor Richard Collier
‘‘Love Law, Love Life’: Neo-Liberalism, Wellbeing and Gender in the Legal Profession - The Case of Law School’,2014
Dr Sarah Campbell
‘Unemployment, Charities, Trade Unions, and the Working Man in Dublin in the 1930s’2014
Dr Ian Biddle
“… and all of a sudden, in the middle of it, they began singing…”: languages and commemoration in Arnold Schoenberg’s cantata A Survivor from Warsaw (Op. 46)2014
Professor Ann Le Couteur
DSM-5 Autism Spectrum Disorder: In search of essential behaviours for diagnosis2014
Dr Brendan Payne
Dr Kieren Hollingsworth
David Ashley Price
Professor Michael Trenell
Professor Patrick Chinnery
et al.
In Vivo Mitochondrial Function in HIV-Infected Persons Treated with Contemporary Anti-Retroviral Therapy: A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study2014