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Professor Susan-Mary Grant
"Mortal in this season": Union Surgeons and the Narrative of Medical Modernisation in the American Civil War2014
Emeritus Professor Esteban Castro
"Águas disputadas: regimes conflitantes de governabilidade no setor dos serviços de saneamento" (Disputed waters: conflicting governance regimes in the water and sanitation sector)2014
Dr Sarah Campbell
"Brawling Publicly": The evolution of Anglo-Irish relations (Irish State Visit, April 2014)2014
Professor Mark Freeston
"But it might be a heart attack": Intolerance of uncertainty and panic disorder symptoms2014
Professor Gary Ford
"Can you send an ambulance please?" A comparison of callers' requests for emergency medical dispatch in stroke and non-stroke calls.2014
Professor Gary Ford
"Can you send an ambulance please?": a comparison of callers' requests for emergency medical dispatch in non-stroke and stroke calls2014
Professor Tim Griffiths
"Change Deafness" Arising from Inter-feature Masking within a Single Auditory Object2014
Professor James Gillespie
"Focused introspection" during naturally increased diuresis: Description and repeatability of a method to study bladder sensation non-invasively2014
James Smith
"From the American People": The US Farm Bill and the reform of emergency food aid2014
Emeritus Professor Esteban Castro
"Gobernabilidad y luchas por el agua. Un aporte al entendimiento de la lucha en las sierras chicas, Córdoba" (Governance and struggles over water. A contribution to the understanding of the struggles in the sierras chicas, Córdoba). An interview with J E Castro by Sergio Chiavassa, Joaquín Deón, Beatriz Ensabella, and Carlos Saavedra (National University of Cordoba, Department of Geography)2014