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Kiel Long
Professor John Vines
Selina Sutton
Tom Feltwell
"Could You Define That in Bot Terms"?: Requesting, Creating and Using Bots on Reddit2017
Dr Gema Martin-Ordas
"First, I will get the marbles." Children's foresight abilities in a modified spoon task2017
Tom Feltwell
Gavin Wood
Kiel Long
Dr Tom Schofield
Professor John Vines
et al.
"I've been manipulated!": Designing Second Screen Experiences for Critical Viewing of Reality TV2017
Dr Sarah Winkler-Reid
"Looking Good" and "Good Looking" in School: Beauty Ideals, Appearance and Enskilled Vision among Girls in a London Secondary School2017
Dr Lucy Asher
"She's a dog at the end of the day": Guide dog owners' perspectives on the behaviour of their guide dog2017
Matthew Wood
Gavin Wood
Dr Madeline Balaam
"They're Just Tixel Pits, Man": Disputing the 'Reality' of Virtual Reality Pornography through the Story Completion Method2017
Professor Mark Pearce
"Throughout the cancer patient's journey, there ought to be a discussion about work": The role of GPs in Scotland2017
Dr Ruth Raynor
(De)composing Habit in Theatre-as-Method2017
Heidi Saxby
Dr Menelaos Gkartzios
Dr Karen Scott
‘Farming on the edge’: Wellbeing and participation in agri-environmental schemes2017
Dr Stephanie Scott
Professor Eileen Kaner
‘Hidden Habitus’: A Qualitative Study of Socio-Ecological Influences on Drinking Practices and Social Identity in Mid-Adolescence2017