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Dr Steven Masson
Application of prognostic scores in the STOPAH trial: Discriminant function is no longer the optimal scoring system in alcoholic hepatitis2018
Dr Steven Masson
Professor Ann Daly
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor Chris Day
Evaluation of laboratory tests for cirrhosis and for alcohol use, in the context of alcoholic cirrhosis2018
Dr Marie Boyle
Dr Steven Masson
Professor Quentin Anstee
The bidirectional impacts of alcohol consumption and the metabolic syndrome: Cofactors for progressive fatty liver disease2018
Dr Dave Houghton
Dr Kate Hallsworth
Dr Christian Thoma
Dr Sophie Cassidy
Dr Timothy Hardy
et al.
Effects of Exercise on Liver Fat and Metabolism in Alcohol Drinkers2017
Dr Steven Masson
In Patients With Severe Alcoholic Hepatitis, Prednisolone Increases Susceptibility to Infection and Infection-Related Mortality, and Is Associated With High Circulating Levels of Bacterial DNA2017
Dr Paula Iruzubieta
Dr Steven Masson
Misti McCain
Professor Helen Reeves
The mitochondrial negative regulator MCJ is a therapeutic target for acetaminophen-induced liver injury2017
Dr Charlotte Johnson
Dr Stuart McPherson
Dr Steven Masson
An Audit of Primary Prophylaxis Against Variceal Bleeding Amongst Patients with Cirrhosis2016
Gill O'Neill
Dr Steven Masson
Dr Ruth McGovern
Professor Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Can a theoretical framework help to embed alcohol screening and brief interventions in an endoscopy day-unit?2016
Dr Sameh Abou-Beih
Dr Steven Masson
Professor Fiona Oakley
Dr Dina Tiniakos
Evaluation of centrilobular fibrosis in post-transplant liver: Preliminary results2016
Dr Jessica Dyson
Dr Chris Lamb
Dr Steven Masson
Dr Mark Hudson
Dr Christian Dipper
et al.
Implementation of a “care bundle” improves the management of patients admitted to hospital with decompensated cirrhosis2016