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Newcastle AuthorsTitleYearFull text
James Grey
Dr Dominic Jones
Laura Wilson
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Jake Clayton
et al.
Differential regulation of the androgen receptor by protein phosphatase regulatory subunits2018
Dr Alina Goldberg Cavalleri
Dr Paul Dean
Dr Tom Williams
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Dr Shaojun Long
et al.
Evolutionary conservation and in vitro reconstitution of microsporidian iron–sulfur cluster biosynthesis2017
Dr Urszula McClurg
Dr David Cork
Dr Steven Darby
Claudia Ryan-Munden
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
et al.
Identification of a novel K311 ubiquitination site critical for androgen receptor transcriptional activity2017
Richard Noble
Dr Natalie Bell
Dr Helen Blair
Huw Thomas
Nicole Phillips
et al.
Inhibition of monocarboxyate transporter 1 by AZD3965 as a novel therapeutic approach for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and burkitt lymphoma2017
Dr Ed Schwalbe
Dr Janet Lindsey
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Dr Stephen Crosier
Amanda Smith
et al.
Novel molecular subgroups for clinical classification and outcome prediction in childhood medulloblastoma: a cohort study2017
Dr Urszula McClurg
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Dr Stuart McCracken
Professor Craig Robson
A novel anti-androgen candidate galeterone acts by targeting USP12, a deubiquitinating enzyme that controls prostate cancer growth and survival2016
Dr Tom Williams
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Professor Robert Hirt
Professor T. Martin Embley
A Recent Whole-Genome Duplication Divides Populations of a Globally Distributed Microsporidian2016
Dr Lisa Russell
Lisa Jones
Dr Amir Enshaei
Dr Stefano Tonin
Sarra Ryan
et al.
Characterisation of the genomic landscape of CRLF2-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia2016
Arman Esfandiari
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Professor John Lunec
Chemical Inhibition of Wild-Type p53-Induced Phosphatase 1 (WIP1/PPM1D) by GSK2830371 Potentiates the Sensitivity to MDM2 Inhibitors in a p53-Dependent Manner2016
Dr Al Gabriel
Dr Lindi Chen
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Dr Daniel Williamson
Professor Deborah Tweddle
et al.
Combined Copy Number and Gene Expression Profiling in High Rick Neuroblastoma: A CCLG Pilot Biological Study2016