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Professor Sir John Burn
Aspirin: 120 Years of Innovation. A report from the 2017 Scientific Conference of the International Aspirin Foundation, 14 September 2017, Charité, Berlin2018
Professor Sir John Burn
Direct oral anticoagulants versus warfarin: is new always better than the old?2018
Dr Harsh Sheth
Dr Michael Jackson
Dr Mauro Santibanez Koref
Professor Sir John Burn
Interaction between polymorphisms in aspirin metabolic pathways, regular aspirin use and colorectal cancer risk: A case-control study in unselected white European populations2018
Professor Sir John Burn
Recognition of clinical genetics in Europe2018
Richard Gallon
Professor Sir John Burn
Three molecular pathways model colorectal carcinogenesis in Lynch syndrome2018
Professor Sir John Burn
Cancer risk and survival in path_MMR carriers by gene and gender up to 75 years of age: a report from the Prospective Lynch Syndrome Database2017
Professor Sir John Burn
General practitioner attitudes towards prescribing aspirin to carriers of Lynch Syndrome: findings from a national survey2017
Amy Cranston
Dr Deborah Stocken
Elaine Stamp
Professor Ruth Plummer
Professor Sir John Burn
et al.
Tropomyosin Receptor Antagonism in Cylindromatosis (TRAC), an early phase trial of a topical tropomyosin kinase inhibitor as a treatment for inherited CYLD defective skin tumours: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.2017
Professor Sir John Burn
Urgent improvements needed to diagnose and manage Lynch syndrome2017
Professor Sir John Burn
A federated ecosystem for sharing genomic, clinical data2016