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Newcastle AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Beate Christgen
Professor Yujie Feng
Professor Thomas Curtis
Professor Keith Scott
Dr Eileen Yu
et al.
Chapter 4: Metal Recovery Using Microbial Electrochemical Technologies2020
Dr Saikat Jana
Sam Charlton
Dr Lucy Eland
Professor Grant Burgess
Professor Anil Wipat
et al.
Nonlinear rheological characteristics of single species bacterial biofilms2020
Dan Aiken
Professor Thomas Curtis
Dr Elizabeth Heidrich
Avenues to the financial viability of microbial electrolysis cells [MEC] for domestic wastewater treatment and hydrogen production2019
Dr Oluwole Oyebamiji
Professor Darren Wilkinson
Dr Bowen Li
Dr Paolo Zuliani
Professor Thomas Curtis
et al.
Bayesian emulation and calibration of an individual-based model of microbial communities2019
Dr Rebeca Gonzalez-Cabaleiro
Professor Thomas Curtis
Dr Dana Ofiteru
Bioenergetics analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and the estimation of their maximum growth yield2019
Dr Mathew Brown
Dr Joana Baptista
Donna Swan
Sarah Smith
Dr Russell Davenport
et al.
Coupled Virus - Bacteria Interactions and Ecosystem Function in an Engineered Microbial System2019
Tamara Coello Garcia
Professor Thomas Curtis
Dr Wojciech Mrozik
Dr Russell Davenport
Enhanced estrogen removal in activated sludge processes through the optimization of the hydraulic flow pattern2019
Professor Thomas Curtis
Enhanced nitrogen removal in an anoxic-oxic-anoxic process treating low COD/N tropical wastewater: Low-dissolved oxygen nitrification and utilization of slowly-biodegradable COD for denitrification2019
Dr Mathew Brown
Professor Thomas Curtis
Global diversity and biogeography of bacterial communities in wastewater treatment plants2019
Dr Evangelos Petropoulos
Shamas Tabraiz
Professor Thomas Curtis
Dr Jan Dolfing
High rate domestic wastewater treatment at 15 °C using anaerobic reactors inoculated with cold-adapted sediments/soils-shaping robust methanogenic communities2019