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Newcastle AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Sabrina Tardio
Professor Peter Cumpson
Professor Grant Burgess
Antimicrobial properties of Cu-based bulk metallic glass composites after surface modification2019
Aisha Al-Wahaibi
Emilia Lapinska
Nithyalakshmy Rajarajan
Dr Sergey Dobretsov
Professor Robert Upstill-Goddard
et al.
Secretion of DNases by marine bacteria: a culture based and bioinformatics approach2019
Dr Thomas Dzeha
Dr Michael Hall
Professor Grant Burgess
UV Resistance of bacteria from the Kenyan Marine cyanobacterium, Moorea Producens2019
Dr Arnaud Basle
Dr Lorraine Hewitt
Dr Heather Lamb
Paul Thompson
Professor Grant Burgess
et al.
Crystal structure of NucB, a biofilm-degrading endonuclease2018
Cassie Bakshani
Dr ana Morales Garcia
Dr Mike Althaus
Dr Matthew Wilcox
Professor Jeffrey Pearson
et al.
Evolutionary conservation of the antimicrobial function of mucus: a first defence against infection2018
Ella Brunt
Professor Grant Burgess
The promise of marine molecules as cosmetic active ingredients2018
Professor Grant Burgess
Chitosan-zinc oxide nanocomposite coatings for the prevention of marine biofouling2017
Jinwei Zhang
Professor Grant Burgess
Enhanced eicosapentaenoic acid production by a new deep-sea marine bacterium Shewanella electrodiphila MAR441T2017
Nithyalakshmy Rajarajan
Dr Nicholas Jakubovics
Professor Grant Burgess
Malcolm Reed
Enzmatic biofilm prevention using a marine endonuclease - a new paradigm in the treatment of periprosthetic joint infections2016
Professor Grant Burgess
Bioemulsifiers are not biosurfactants and require different screening approaches2015