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Dr Kishor Acharya
Professor David Werner
Dr Jan Dolfing
Dr Paola Meynet
Dr Wojciech Mrozik
et al.
A quantitative structure-biodegradation relationship (QSBR) approach to predict biodegradation rates of aromatic chemicals2019
Dr Jan Dolfing
Bacterial communities involved directly or indirectly in the anaerobic degradation of cellulose2019
Dr Jan Dolfing
Carbon-nutrient stoichiometry drives phosphorus immobilization in phototrophic biofilms at the soil-water interface in paddy fields2019
Dr Jan Dolfing
Ozge Eyice
COD/sulfate ratio does not affect the methane yield and microbial diversity in anaerobic digesters2019
Ziye Dai
Dr Elizabeth Heidrich
Dr Jan Dolfing
Dr Adam Jarvis
Determination of the Relationship between the Energy Content of Municipal Wastewater and Its Chemical Oxygen Demand2019
Dr Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan
Bernard Bowler
Dr Jan Dolfing
Dr Paul Sallis
Dr Neil Gray
et al.
Enrichment and characterisation of a mixed-source ethanologenic community degrading the organic fraction of municipal solid waste under minimal environmental control2019
Dr Jan Dolfing
Growth Characteristics and Thermodynamics of Syntrophic Acetate Oxidizers2019
Dr Evangelos Petropoulos
Shamas Tabraiz
Professor Thomas Curtis
Dr Jan Dolfing
High rate domestic wastewater treatment at 15 °C using anaerobic reactors inoculated with cold-adapted sediments/soils-shaping robust methanogenic communities2019
Dr Matthew Wade
Dr Jan Dolfing
Increasing sulfate levels show a differential impact on synthetic communities comprising different methanogens and a sulfate reducer2019
Dr Jan Dolfing
Professor Casey Hubert
Metabolic potential of uncultured bacteria and archaea associated with petroleum seepage in deep-sea sediments2019