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Dr Rachel Queen
Dr Simon Cockell
Professor Majlinda Lako
Understanding the complexity of retinal and pluripotent stem cell derived retinal organoids with single cell RNA sequencing: current progress, remaining challenges and future prospectives2020
Dr Helen Phillips
Catherine Stothard
Dr Wasay Shaikh Qureshi
Dr Alberto Briones Leon
Ramada Khasawneh
et al.
Pax9 is required for cardiovascular development and interacts with Tbx1 in the pharyngeal endoderm to control 4th pharyngeal arch artery morphogenesis2019
Dr Ingrid Ehrmann
Yilei Liu
Dr Sushma Grellscheid
Dr Jannetta Steyn
Dr Simon Cockell
et al.
An ancient germ cell-specific RNA-binding protein protects the germline from cryptic splice site poisoning2019
Dr Jennifer Munkley
SR Gokul Krishnan
Gerald Hysenaj
Dr Emma Scott
Caroline Dalgliesh
et al.
Androgen-regulated transcription of ESRP2 drives alternative splicing patterns in prostate cancer2019
Kat Cheung
Marjolein Burgers
Professor David Young
Dr Simon Cockell
Dr Louise Reynard
et al.
Correlation of Infinium HumanMethylation450K and MethylationEPIC BeadChip arrays in cartilage2019
Dr Joseph Collin
Dr Rachel Queen
Dr Darin Zerti
Raf Hussain
Dr Jonathan Coxhead
et al.
Deconstructing Retinal Organoids: Single cell RNA-Seq reveals the cellular components of human pluripotent stem cell-derived retina2019
Dr Ed Schwalbe
Dr Jonathan Coxhead
Naomi Sinclair
Dr Simon Cockell
Dr Akhtar Husain
et al.
Epigenetic modifiers DNMT3A and BCOR are recurrently mutated in CYLD cutaneous syndrome2019
Dr Olivier Govaere
Dr Simon Cockell
Dr Arianna Bianchi
High-throughput sequencing identifies aetiology-dependent differences in ductular reaction in human chronic liver disease2019
Dr Katarzyna Szoltysek
Dr Simon Cockell
Professor Neil Perkins
RRAD, IL4I1, CDKN1A, and SERPINE1 genes are potentially co-regulated by NF-κB and p53 transcription factors in cells exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation2018
Dr Katherine James
Dr Simon Cockell
Dr Colin Gillespie
Dr Jennifer Hallinan
Dr Francesca Barone
et al.
B-cell activity markers are associated with different disease activity domains in primary Sjögren's syndrome2018