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Professor Robert Taylor
A novel de novo ACTA1 variant in a patient with nemaline myopathy and mitochondrial Complex I deficiency2020
Dr Albert Lim
Dr Grace McMacken
Francesca Rastelli
Dr Monika Olahova
Karen Baty
et al.
A novel, pathogenic dinucleotide deletion in the mitochondrial MT-TY gene causing myasthenia-like features2020
Anna Smith
Dr Julia Whitehall
Carla Bradshaw
Dr Fiona Robertson
Dr Alasdair Blain
et al.
Age-associated mitochondrial DNA mutations cause metabolic remodeling that contributes to accelerated intestinal tumorigenesis2020
Professor Robert Taylor
Albinism and a mitochondrial DNA deletion2020
Dr Francesco Bruni
Dr Langping He
Professor Robert Taylor
Professor Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers
Biallelic Mutations in MTPAP Associated with a Lethal Encephalophy2020
Ahmad Alahmad
Dr Kyle Thompson
Dr Monika Olahova
Dr Langping He
Dr Charlotte Alston
et al.
Bi-allelic pathogenic variants in NDUFC2 cause early-onset Leigh syndrome and stalled biogenesis of complex I2020
Charlotte Warren
Dr David McDonald
Professor David Deehan
Professor Robert Taylor
Dr Andrew Filby
et al.
Decoding mitochondrial heterogeneity in single muscle fibres by imaging mass cytometry2020
Professor Robert Taylor
FBXL4 deficiency increases mitochondrial removal by autophagy2020
Dr Hannah Steele
Dr Angela Pyle
Sila Hopton
Jane Newman
Dr Renae Stefanetti
et al.
Metabolic effects of bezafibrate in mitochondrial disease.2020
Dr Joanna Elson
Professor Robert Taylor
Mitochondrial DNA mutations induce mitochondrial biogenesis and increase the tumorigenic potential of Hodgkin and Reed–Sternberg cells2020