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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Emeritus Professor Bill Clegg
Crystallographic curiosities: polymorphism and structures with Z' > 12019
Javier Urquizo Calderon
Dr Carlos Calderon
Modelling the spatial energy diversity in sub-city areas using remote sensor2019
Dr Zarah Pattison
Stream invertebrate diversity reduces with invasion of river banks by non-native plants2019
Dr Zarah Pattison
Riverbanks as Battlegrounds: Why Does the Abundance of Native and Invasive Plants Vary?2019
Dr Zarah Pattison
All change at the water’s edge: invasion by non-native riparian plants negatively impacts terrestrial invertebrates2019
Dr Helene Tyrrell
Dr Joshua Jowitt
Let Them Eat Cases! Bridging the gap between school and degree level learning2020
Professor Mark Reed
Gavin Hall
Rev Ann Peart
Pathways to a top-scoring impact case study2019
Eva Masterman
Touch Me Use Me2017
Dr Mark Henry Garnett
Professor Yit Arn Teh
Fluvial organic carbon fluxes from oil palm plantations on tropical peatland2018
Professor Yit Arn Teh
Net ecosystem exchange from two formerly afforested peatlands undergoing restoration in the Flow Country of northern Scotland2019
Professor Yit Arn Teh
Termites mitigate the effects of drought in tropical rainforest2019
Professor Yit Arn Teh
Logging and soil nutrients independently explain plant trait expression in tropical forests2019
Professor Yit Arn Teh
An incubation study of GHG flux responses to a changing water table linked to biochemical parameters across a peatland restoration chronosequence2019
Professor Yit Arn Teh
Effects of water management and cultivar on carbon dynamics, plant productivity and biomass allocation in European rice systems2019
Dr Vivek Nityananda
Coline Joubier
Dr Ghaith Tarawneh
Professor Jenny Read
Motion-in-depth perception and prey capture in the praying mantis Sphodromantis lineola2019