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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
David Wright
Dr Jill Clark
Lucy Tiplady
Designing for Formative Assessment: A Toolkit for Teachers2018
Dr Adam Todd
The deprescribing rainbow: a conceptual framework highlighting the importance of patient context when stopping medication in older people2018
Dr Thom Robinson
Rub Out the Past: Nostalgia and the Cut-Up Works of William S. Burroughs2016
Dr Hannah Leach
Perceptual dialectology in northern England: Accent recognition, geographical proximity and cultural prominence.2016
Dr Natalia Zharkova
Insights from ultrasound: Enhancing our understanding of clinical phonetics2016
Dr David Koss
Neuronal human BACE1 knockin induces systemic diabetes in mice2016
Dr David Koss
Mutant Tau knock-in mice display frontotemporal dementia relevant behaviour and histopathology2016
Dr David Koss
Soluble pre-fibrillar tau and β-amyloid species emerge in early human Alzheimer's disease and track disease progression and cognitive decline.2016
Dr Simon Stone
Professor John Whitworth
Instrumentation in Endodontics2016
Dr Ed Juler
Forms, Organic and Mercurial: Karl Blossfeldt, Francis Bruguière and British Modernist Sculpture2018
Dr Laura Lane
Kathleen Allinson
Lorna Ingoe
Dr Salman Razvi
Dr Timothy Cheetham
et al.
Analysis of BAFF gene polymorphisms in UK Graves' disease patients2018
Calum Cameron
Dr Haris Patsios
Professor Phil Taylor
Dr Zoya Pourmirza
Using Self-Organizing Architectures to Mitigate the Impacts of Denial-of-Service Attacks on Voltage Control Schemes2018
Dr Rachel Boal
Dr Yi Ng
Dr Sarah Pickett
Dr Andrew Schaefer
Catherine Feeney
et al.
Height as a clinical biomarker of disease burden in adult mitochondrial disease2018
Dr Stevin Pramana
Amorphous-cathode-route towards low temperature SOFC2018
Claire Bamford
Emma McLellan
Dr Marie Poole
Dr Louise Robinson
Professor Cath Exley
et al.
What enables good end of life care for people with dementia? A multi-method qualitative study with key stakeholders.2018