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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Emily Rainsford
Professor William Maloney
Dr Sebastian Popa
Young European’s Work Experiences and Work Values: exploring the effect of unemployment and low quality work conditions on intrinsic and extrinsic work values 2018
Durda Vukajlovic
Dr Julie Parker
Dr Oana Bretcanu
Dr Katarina Novakovic
Chitosan based polymer/bioglass composites for tissue engineering applications2018
Dr Volodymyr Bilotkach
Balancing competition and cooperation: Evidence from transatlantic airline markets2019
Dr Charles Turquand d'Auzay
Bill Papapostolou
Professor Nilanjan Chakraborty
On the Minimum Ignition Energy and its transition in the localised forced ignition of turbulent homogeneous mixtures2018
Professor Alexander Romanovsky
Proceedings of the Event-B Day 2018 in Tokyo2018
Dr Salman Razvi
Reference intervals in the diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction - time to treat patients and not numbers2018
Dr Ketan Pancholi
Dr Dehong Huo
Observation of stimulated emission from Rhodamine 6G-polymer aggregate adsorbed at foam interface2019
Ivan Marquez Munoz
The Rise and Fall of Concrete Tower Blocks in Britain: a Love-Hate Relationship with the Material2018
Dr Quoc Vuong
The cortical face network of the prosopagnosic patient PS with fast periodic stimulation in fMRI2018
Professor Miles Witham
Professor Avan Sayer
Growing research in Geriatric Medicine2018
Dr Alistair Clark
Political Data in 20172018
Professor Stephen Rushton
Dr Roy Sanderson
Dr William Reid
Dr Mark Shirley
Transmission routes of rare seasonal diseases: the case of norovirus infections2018
Dr Kay Mann
Dr Laura Basterfield
Dr Kathryn Parkinson
Jessica Reilly
Professor Ashley Adamson
et al.
Birth weight and adolescent blood pressure measured at age 12 years in the Gateshead Millennium Study2018
Professor Susan-Mary Grant
"The contraband’s death is more miserable than her life": violence, visibility, and the medicalization of freedom in the American Civil War2019
Dr Miguel Garcia Dos Santos Xavier
Genomic integrity in the male germ line: evidence in support of the disposable soma hypothesis.2018