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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Dr Kate Potter
Professor Anthony Moorman
Professor Caroline Relton
Professor John Mathers
Dr Gordon Strathdee
et al.
Maternal red blood cell folate and infant vitamin B12 status influence methylation of genes associated with childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia2018
Professor Avan Aihie Sayer
Can trained volunteers improve the mealtime care of older hospital patients? An implementation study in one English hospital2018
Dr Paul Ezhilchelvan
Amjad Aldweesh
Professor Aad van Moorsel
Non-Blocking Two Phase Commit Using Blockchain2018
Dr Anastasios Evgenidis
The yield spread's ability to forecast economic activity: What have we learned after 30 years of studies?2018
Mehdi Sanayei
Dr Xing Chen
Dr Stefano Panzeri
Professor Alexander Thiele
Perceptual learning of fine contrast discrimination changes neuronal tuning and population coding in macaque V42018
Dr Timothy Lisle
Professor Brian Shaw
Dr Robert Frazer
Low noise and transmission error epicyclic gearbox designs2018
Dr Ria Toumpaniari
Dr Piergiorgio Gentile
Dr Ana Ferreira-Duarte
Professor Kenneth Dalgarno
Assessment of Migration of Human MSCs through Fibrin Hydrogels as a Tool for Formulation Optimisation2018
Professor Alan McKinlay
Foucault, governmentality, strategy: from the ear of the sovereign to the multitude2018
Professor Alan McKinlay
Strategic change, leadership and accounting: a triptych of organizational reform2018
Dr Mabel Lie
Jan Lecouturier
Christopher Harding
Should I stay or should I go? A qualitative study exploring participation in a urology clinical trial​2018
Professor Darrel Maddy
New approaches to field-model data comparison: Numerical modelling of the last glacial cycle in the Welland catchment, England2018
Dr Smriti Sharma
Disadvantage and discrimination in self-employment: Caste gaps in earnings in small Indian businesses2016
Dr Stuart McPherson
Decompensated alcohol related liver disease: acute management.2016
Dr Jenny Gallacher
Dr Stuart McPherson
Progress towards a simple tool for screening for hepatic steatosis in the general population.2017
Dr Stuart McPherson
Treatment of refractory ascites with an automated low-flowascites pump in patients with cirrhosis2017