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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Professor Miles Witham
Dr Patricia Kearney
Barriers and potential solutions in the recruitment and retention of older patients in clinical trials – lessons learned from six large multi-center randomized controlled trials 2021
Dr Louise Callard
Maximum extent and readvance dynamics of the Irish Sea Ice Stream and Irish Sea Glacier since the Last Glacial Maximum2021
Dr Polina Yarova
Calcium-sensing receptor antagonists abrogate airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in allergic asthma2015
Professor Phil White
Cerebral Edema in patients with large hemispheric infarct undergoing reperfusion treatment: a HERMES meta-analysis2021
Professor Phil White
Endovascular treatment effect diminishes with increasing thrombus perviousness: data from 7 acute ischaemic stroke trials2021
Dr Simon McKerrell
Dr Jasmine Hornabrook
Mobilizing traditional music in the rural creative economy of Argyll and Bute, Scotland2021
Dr Müge Satar
Where multimodal literacy meets online language learner autonomy: “Digital resources give us wings”2021
Dr Jon Telling
Novel microbial groups drive productivity in an Archean iron formation2021
Dr Marco Bocchio
Oscillatory Substrates of Fear and Safety2014
Dr Marco Bocchio
Hippocampal Theta Input to the Amygdala Shapes Feedforward Inhibition to Gate Heterosynaptic Plasticity2015
Dr Marco Bocchio
Serotonin, Amygdala and Fear: Assembling the Puzzle2016
Dr Marco Bocchio
Sleep and Serotonin Modulate Paracapsular Nitric Oxide Synthase Expressing Neurons of the Amygdala2016
Ben Rimmer
Professor Linda Sharp
Implementation of Self‑Management Interventions in Cancer Survivors: Why Are We Not There Yet?2021
Dr Marco Bocchio
Synaptic Plasticity, Engrams, and Network Oscillations in Amygdala Circuits for Storage and Retrieval of Emotional Memories2017
Dr Marco Bocchio
Control of Amygdala Circuits by 5-HT Neurons via 5-HT and Glutamate Cotransmission2017