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Publications added in the last 10 days

AuthorsTitleYearFull text
Callum Hackett
Justifications for a discontinuity theory of language evolution2017
Dr Wenxian Yang
Advanced health condition monitoring of wind turbine2018
Dr Annette Pantall
Dr Silvia Del Din
Professor Lynn Rochester
Longitudinal changes over thirty-six months in postural control dynamics and cognitive function in people with Parkinson's disease2018
Professor Nilanjan Chakraborty
Turbulent Scalar Fluxes in Ηydrogen-Air Premixed Flames at Low and High Karlovitz Numbers2018
Florence Jong
Joshua Bunce
Professor Colin Harwood
Professor Jason Snape
Professor David Graham
et al.
Co-optimization of sponge-core bioreactors for removing total nitrogen and antibiotic resistance genes from domestic wastewater2018
Dr Fiona Robson
Antecedents and outcomes relating to public and private nurses’ use of intuition in England2014
Dr Vicky Long
Destigmatising Mental Illness? Professional Politics and Public Education in Britain, 1870-19702014
Dr Christopher Duncan
Assessment of humoral immune responses to blood-stage malaria antigens following ChAd63-MVA immunization, controlled human malaria infection and natural exposure2014
Dr Christopher Duncan
Analysis of human B-cell responses following ChAd63-MVA MSP1 and AMA1 immunization and controlled malaria infection2014
Adrienne Attorp
Associations between socioeconomic, parental and home environment factors and fruit and vegetable consumption of children in grades five and six in British Columbia, Canada2014
Dr Anke Walter
Alexander Graham Bell, Hermes und die Gestaltung von Zeit in den Darstellungen großer Erfinder2014
Professor Emilio Porcu
Bernoulli-Euler beams with random field properties under random field loads: fractal and Hurst effects2014
Dr Nuria Martinez Lopez
Professor Rajat Singh
ATGs: Scaffolds for MAPK/ERK signaling2014
Dr Andrew Lindridge
‘Can celebrities ever escape their celeactor: The case of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust’2014
Dr Andrew Lindridge
Becoming Iconic: David Bowie from Man to Icon2014