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Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 18
Case formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A principle driven approach 10
Playing the game of Outcomes-Based Performance Management. Is gamesmanship inevitable? Evidence from theory and practice 9
Exhaust valve failure under residual fuel operation 8
An introduction to Processability Theory 6
Remote Presence: Technologies for 'Beaming' Teachers Where They Cannot Go 5
Behaviour of domestic pigs in a visual perspective taking task 4
DRE-ip: A Verifiable E-Voting Scheme without Tallying Authorities 4
Theory Building: A Review and Integration 4
A Systematic Review of the Smart Home Literature: A user perspective 3


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Trends in intercountry adoption: Analysis of data from 20 receiving countries, 1998-2004 31
Augmented reality: Research agenda for studying the impact of its media characteristics on consumer behaviour 19
Urban form, policy packaging and sustainable urban metabolism 16
Prize Culture and Diversity in British Children’s Literature 14
Cars, EVs and battery recycling forecasts and economic models 12
Mapping advantages and disadvantages: Diversity in the legal profession in England and Wales 12
Genome editing: the dynamics of continuity, convergence and change in the engineering of life 9
4D Corneal Tissue Engineering: Achieving Time-Dependent Tissue Self-Curvature through Localized Control of Cell Actuators 8
Creative upcycling: reconnecting people, materials and place through making 8
Temporal development of the gut microbiome in early childhood from the TEDDY study 8