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Sustainable Solar Energy for Rural Development in South Africa: Project Stakeholder Report 8
Concepts and terminology in ethnicity, race and health: Be aware of the ongoing debate 6
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 6
Going on a journey: A review of the customer journey literature 6
Critical Discourse Analysis, Power, and New Media Discourse 5
Is it rational to support Aston Villa? 5
A balanced scorecard for evaluating the performance of motor dealerships 4
Corrective Justice, Distributive Justice and the Law of Negligence 4
Habitat heterogeneity of hadal trenches: Considerations and implications for future studies 4
Handbook of Research on Integrating Social Media into Strategic Marketing 4


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Growing up in Sunderland: young people, politics and place 220
Safer Care: Human Factors for Healthcare Course Handbook 34
The science and practice of case conceptualization 33
Are the Torts of Trespass to the Person Obsolete? Part 1: Historical Development 25
Are the Torts of Trespass to the Person Obsolete? Part 2: Continued Evolution 23
How effective are interventions at reducing socioeconomic inequalities in obesity among children and adults? Two systematic reviews 19
Are people changing address less? An analysis of migration within England and Wales, 1971-2011, by distance of move 18
The development of theories of second language acquisition 15
Securing the Legitimacy of Individual Sanctions in UK Competition Law 12
Fighting against poverty: case studies of school action. Poverty Proofing the School Day evaluation update 2019/20. 11