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Sustainable Solar Energy for Rural Development in South Africa: Project Stakeholder Report 8
Are behavioral interventions effective in increasing physical activity at 12 to 36 months in adults aged 55 to 70 years? A systematic review and meta-analysis 6
Does The Online Card Payment Landscape Unwittingly Facilitate Fraud? 6
Landscape Capacity Study for Onshore Wind Energy Development in the Western Isles 5
Alan Lomax: L'anno più felice della mia vita. Un viaggio in Italia 1954-1955 4
Analysis of Electric Vehicle Driver Charging Behaviour and Use of Charging Infrastructure 4
Case formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A principle driven approach 4
Children’s Literature: Birth, Infancy, Maturity 4
Exploring transition: the experiences of students at Newcastle University in their first year 4
Going on a journey: A review of the customer journey literature 4


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Growing up in Sunderland: young people, politics and place 69
The science and practice of case conceptualization 33
How effective are interventions at reducing socioeconomic inequalities in obesity among children and adults? Two systematic reviews 17
The development of theories of second language acquisition 17
ISIS and heritage destruction: A sentiment analysis 15
Securitization, insecurity and conflict in contemporary Xinjiang: has PRC counter-terrorism evolved into state terror? 13
Safer Care: Human Factors for Healthcare Course Handbook 11
The Wang Lixiong prophecy: 'Palestinization' in Xinjiang and the consequences of Chinese state securitization of religion 11
‘Now We Don’t Talk Anymore’: Inside the ‘Cleansing’ of Xinjiang 11
The Circular Economy: An interdisciplinary exploration of the concept and application in a global context 10