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Authors               TitleYear
Dr Katie Hackett
Dr Dennis Lendrem
Dr Tim Rapley
Dr Katherine Deane
Vincent Deary
et al.
"Doing Every-Day Life" with Primary Sjogren's Syndrome: Factors Predicting Difficulties Performing Daily Activities and Taking on Life Roles2015
Dr Nick Morgan
"If even Inocencio was guilty...": Cynicism and Political Culture in Colombia2015
Dr Fionnghuala Sweeney
"It Will Come at Last": Acts of Emancipation in the Art, Culture and Politics of the Black Diaspora2015
Dr Adam Rathbone
Professor Andy Husband
Dr Adam Todd
"I've never been a big tablet taker": a phenomenology of the experiences of medicines adherence in men with diabetes2015
Matthew Cranwell
Dr Debbie Riby
Professor Ann Le Couteur
Bradley Pearce
Professor Anya Hurlbert
et al.
"Lush" or "slime"? Atypical colour naming in Williams Syndrome2015
Dr Emily Heavey
Dr Aoife De Brun
Dr Jason Scott
"Safety is something I’ve never thought about": Patient perceptions of providing feedback on experiences of safety following a care transition2015
Dr Vicky Long
"Surely a nice occupation for a girl?" Stories of nursing, gender, violence and mental illness in British asylums, 1914-302015
Dr Simon Corcoran
"The Augusti and Caesars say": Imperial communication in a collegiate monarchy2015
Professor Jeremy Boulton
"The Charity of our Life and Healthful Years"? Approaches to Inter-vivos Charitable Giving to the Poor in the Metropolis 1600-17202015
Dr Carol Fehringer
Professor Karen Corrigan
"The Geordie accent has a bit of a bad reputation": internal and external constraints on stative possession in the Tyneside English of the 21st century2015